First of all, THANK GOD! We dodged a bullet there!

Congratulations on your victory! And thank you for showing all the young girls in the world that the glass ceiling is gone. You shattered it with so much fierceness that no man can every glue the pieces together again.

The world was a little worried though. We couldn’t believe that there were people who actually listened to that loud, orange, and obnoxious man. His ideas about minorities, his “locker room talk” about women and his aggressive demeanor were just downright scary.

I know that there are a lot of people who say you aren’t completely squeaky clean either but please, who is in Washington? Although it’s fiction, we all think we know about the stuff that goes on in politics because of shows like House of Cards and Scandal. We can all guess but we will never know where the truth lies. The only thing I know is, that you are a strong woman who deservingly won this election. We know now, the “rigged” systems chose you. A woman who has been working against injustice, tried to organize affordable healthcare (you had the vision many years ago, unfortunately the rest of the US didn’t) and most of all, you never gave up. When the whole world learned about the most humiliating episode of your life, you kept your head up and worked through it.

I must admit that I thought you were crazy at the time. I was 14 when it happened so I couldn’t fathom the strength and perseverance you displayed to rise above. To be honest, I think you had your mind on the prize, the one you collected yesterday at the finish line.

I applaud you for the way you stayed focused while you were dragged down, put under investigation and mocked (mostly for your pantsuits). You took the high road and showed everyone that you are strong and collected under pressure. The complete and utter opposite of your opponents’ state of mind. We can only guess what would have happened if he won this election. I really feel we are better off not thinking about it at all. We just have to thank our lucky stars that it didn’t come to that!

Dear Madame President, please show us that the promises you made during the campaign trail were true and stay your indestructible, collected self. Ofcourse I can not speak for my country or my fellow Dutchies but as a woman, a mother and an inhabitant of the world, I am truly glad you are getting this chance to show the world what you’re worth! Good luck!

With kind regards and great admiration,



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