I’m sorry if this letter is not what you want to read. I’m pretty sure you will not read it at all, but I have to get this of my chest. As a woman, a mother and an inhabitant of the world, I am so disappointed in the American people who voted for you. I can not bring myself to congratulate you.

We could never in a million year have thought that you becoming the next President of the United Stated was a real possibility. When you announced that you were running, we all laughed and shook our heads. That loud, obnoxious, orange man got the nerve to think that he could run for the highest office. We all said that that would never ever (ever, ever, ever, ever *Outkast voice*) happen. Boy, were we wrong. You got further and further in the race and even became the official Republican candidate. That was something we could not wrap our minds around. Did they not hear the awful things you were saying? Didn’t they see the downright nasty Tweets you were sending out? Our minds were baffled by all of this.

Of course you truly believe that you are a completely sane person. And you shouldn’t be judged by some old sound recordings (appalling) and late night (drunken? Please say you were hammered at the time) Tweets. You are a businessman that started out with Daddy’s money, made a shitload more (yes, you’re a savvy businessman) and then bankrupted. Then you got back on your feet, made some questionable TV-shows (in which you were a big bully again), made some more money and then you decided that it was time to rule the world.

And much like someone we all know and our children read about in history books, you have a strong opinion about minorities, you are equipped with the same bad temper and you think, only you can save the world. A very dangerous combination. One might even say, explosive. I really hoped that we all learned from WW II. But unfortunately we are giving another narcissist the keys to the kingdom. ‘We’ are allowing you to poison the minds of little children with your foul believes. You believe that women are not equal, people with different colors are all criminals and that, if you are true to yourself and love someone other that the opposite sex, you are sick. You call your own daughter a ‘piece of ass’. Seriously, how did this happen? It’s no secret that I rooted for Hillary. I really believed that she would win by a landslide. I am heartbroken that you can now call 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue your home.

I truly hope that now that you have the highest office and the greatest responsibility in the world, you will be able to turn your life around. I really hope that the (hopefully) smart people surrounding you, will guide you. Please don’t start WW 3, please don’t nuke the ‘bastards’ and please try to be less yourself.

With no kind regards at all,


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Terrible photocredit: Dever Post